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Messages of Mary Our Lady - The Blessed Virgin Mary - A MOMENT TO DIE  622   12/20/1996   A MOMENT TO DIE

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
My dear child, I want you to realize how certain the Will of God is, that He has destined a moment for us to be born and a moment to die. In between these two moments there is a short life, which is the opportunity to know God; to love Him, to serve Him and to prepare oneself to meet Him in His Glory.
How cold can hearts be when they beat in the rhythm of life because of the Grace of God but with such indifference; how despondent can they be that instead of seeking God they bury themselves in the darkness of this world, in the concupiscence of the flesh, in the search of what is opposite to God; how blind do people become that they forget how short this life is and that they despise the gift of eternal life.
It is for this negligence that many souls are lost eternally and we who understand must be very concerned about them as we spread the good news of Salvation.
My child, use the gift of your faith to remind people of the reality of the Kingdom of God and the necessity to repent and to turn back to God.
I bless your efforts my child.


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Received by Joseph of Jesus and Mary
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 Messages of Our Lady - The Blessed Virgin Mary  - A MOMENT TO DIE