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Messages of Mary Our Lady - The Blessed Virgin Mary - DESPISE YOURSELF  674   10/2/1997   DESPISE YOURSELF

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
My dear child, just like Martha in the Gospel, be at the feet of the Lord serving Him, listening to Him and loving Him. You were made to love God and this must be your daily goal: to love Him more and more.
Love is a feeling in your heart that must be pure because self love destroys your relationship with the Lord. Selfishness seeks to please the ego, to find the rewards of Heaven as a personal triumph, so this is not pure love.
To love with interest in the rewards of Heaven is still lacking much. To love God because He is God and you are nothing, to love with reverential fear submission, that is more the kind of love expected from you.
To love God, you must despise yourself, the world and everything for the sake of channelling all of your love to God.
This doesn’t mean that you don’t love yourself and your neighbour; it simply implies that you must dedicate the greatest effort of your love to love and to glorify God.
There is no mountain too high that you should not climb in your love for God, the greatest obstacle to holiness is the mountain of the self.
Overcome your self my child and you will see clearly.
The Lord awaits you.


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