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Messages of Mary Our Lady - The Blessed Virgin Mary - PRAY WITH COMPASSION  689   2/25/1997   PRAY WITH COMPASSION

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
My dear child, forgive everyone and reconcile yourself with God by praying for those who upset you, even if they are doing the wrong thing. My child, we are creatures made with the dust of the earth, what right do we have to pass judgment on others?
Even though you can see evil all around you, even though you would like to correct the whole world, it is impossible to penetrate the free will of those who sin.
However the graces of my Immaculate Heart are given as a result of prayer and I encourage you daily to pray with compassion for those who do not understand the Love of God.
When you begin to know the Love of God, you receive immense blessings that change your heart, but you can only love God when you love your neighbour, so disregard all judgment when you do intercessory prayers. Your concern for your brother is what really counts before God, He expects charity to grow in your heart and this is a job that you must do on your own but inspired by the goodness of God.
Forgive my child, because this leads your soul to Peace, and Peace leads you to God.
Receive my blessings.


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