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Messages of Jesus - A SHARE OF MY SUFFERING  103   9/16/1995   A SHARE OF MY SUFFERING

Note: Today I was filled with joy because I had to pray for a priest and after 50 minutes of conversation, I left him a different person, and the Lord filled me with great joy. During the afternoon I was praying for a lady possessed by an evil spirit, she cried a lot during my exorcism prayers, and then she received great peace; my joy continued, then my wife rang me up to remind me of how happy the Lord had made me earlier, but she also had some bad news for me, my son had smashed the rear of my car in a car park. Fortunately that didn’t disturb me. Later on I also understood sharing the suffering of the Lord in the wounds of the people that I pray for.

My little child, I open my heart to you to give you my treasures, I give you my joy but I also give you a share of my suffering, so that your understanding of my love may increase.
I care for you my child, I feed you with my hand, I place my bread in your mouth.


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Received by Joseph of Jesus and Mary
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 Messages fromJesus - A SHARE OF MY SUFFERING