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Messages of Jesus - BLAMELESS BEFORE ME  183   11/14/1995   BLAMELESS BEFORE ME

(1) Genesis 17:1 - (2) John 3:30 - (3)John 3:30 Zechariah 13:8-9-
(4) Isaiah 43:4 - (5) Matthew 7:24 - (6) Sirach 4:11- 4.15

I always come to those who confess their guilt and appear blameless before me (1), to those who make themselves little and who decrease so that I may increase (2).
I wash away their iniquities, I cleanse them from their sin and I purify them with the fire of my Holy Spirit (3).
I hold them as precious in my hand (4). They are those who listen to my Word and put it into practice (5); because true Wisdom is to obey my Word (6).


Messages from Jesus.
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Received by Joseph of Jesus and Mary
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 Messages fromJesus - BLAMELESS BEFORE ME