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Messages of Jesus - FEAR GOD MY CHILD  184   11/15/1995   FEAR GOD MY CHILD

(1) Ps. 130.3 – (2) Isaiah 1:4 – (3) Jeremiah 44:10 – (4) Ps. 32:5 – (5) Matthew 10:28
(6)Prov. 15:33-22:4 – (7) Ps. 25:14

The iniquity of humanity is great. (1)
With sadness I stand and look, my child. (2)
Ponder how they offend me and meditate on their lack of fear of Me (3). Meditate also on my Mercy because I don’t count your iniquities when you have washed your hearts with tears of repentance (4).
People have lost their humility and reverence for me, my doctrine on fear has been washed out, watered down and has lost its taste (5).
Fear of God is merely humility, but the proud choose not to fear me. (6)
Fear God my child, and you will be my best friend. (7)


Messages from Jesus.
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Received by Joseph of Jesus and Mary
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