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Messages of Jesus - READY TO GIVE ACCOUNT TO GOD  186   11/17/1995   READY TO GIVE ACCOUNT TO GOD

After mass
(1) Revelation 3:17 (2) Isaiah 14:14 (3) Isaiah 47:3 (4) Revelation 22:12
(5) Luke 12:16 Luke 12:20

Many people feel so secure, so strong and so confident in themselves. They live their lives as kings, they live in their own palaces, they think that they have everything (1).
They have turned away from God because they dress themselves up as gods, but how mistaken they are (2).
In a single moment I will change their prosperity into ruin, I will strip them and show them the ugliness of their nakedness, I will change their arrogance into shame, their riches into darkness (3).
On the other hand I look at the few humble souls who seek my Kingdom first and who care for others. They will see my rewards (4).
Study the parable of the rich man whose soul was demanded that night and live your life ready to give account to God (5).


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Received by Joseph of Jesus and Mary
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