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Messages of Jesus - DESPERATE SOULS  216   7/12/1995   DESPERATE SOULS

My dear child,
Today I want to speak to you about (Louis). And also about all those souls who are in the same position. These are some of the desperate souls that I have shown you, they need a lot of prayer. They have taken a resolution to end up their lives.
They don't listen any more to my voice, they are completely closed. They have rejected my Way because they want to go their own way, they have rejected my Truth because they have created their own beliefs, they have rejected my Life, because they think they own their lives and now they want to terminate them.
They live in a world of fantasy, they have chosen the easy way out, they don't want to know about suffering.
They suppose that they will die and that they still will share eternal life, they don't believe in Judgment. Little do they know that if they die in mortal sin they die eternally to hell.
I suffer for these souls and I want your prayers for them. The same situation occurred to Judas who chose to ignore Me and to reject my Mercy.
Pray that they will come to their senses and acknowledge their wrong.


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Received by Joseph of Jesus and Mary
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