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Messages of Jesus - SPIRITUAL LIGHT  305   2/20/1996   SPIRITUAL LIGHT

I am the Light of the world. I am Goodness, the Spiritual Enlightenment, the Wisdom of God; the Heavenly Light that is visible in the eyes of the Spirit.
Think of the light of the Sun, my child, how would it be if I made it stop shining? There would be darkness and chaos, uncertainty and death. And so it is with my Spiritual Light; If I held it from the soul, it would be in total darkness and chaos, uncertainty and death.
But I am the Light of your Salvation, the Sun of Justice, the Light and the Life of the soul. I don't withdraw my gifts and I don’t withdraw my Light, however the soul places obstacles to my Light, it seeks the darkness of the world, it chooses death instead of Life.
I am the Light of God and the only way to Him. My Gospel shines my Light brilliantly and shows you my Way of Holiness. No one is deprived of my Light which is also shining in the understanding and the reason, but there too it is blocked by the free will.
Those who receive my Light become beacons of my Wisdom and Love, you are the Light of the world because I shine on you and Light is reflected. Shine my Light, this is my Will.


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Received by Joseph of Jesus and Mary
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