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Messages of Jesus - ON THE PALM OF MY HAND  330   12/3/1996   ON THE PALM OF MY HAND

Last night I had a vision of a hand showing its palm and coming down.
During mass today, I was saying all my usual prayers, but I was worried about a dangerous high job on the ladder and over a scaffold, that I had to tackle during the day. I was interrupting my prayers on and off, suddenly I heard the voice of the Lord saying:

Don’t worry, you’ll be standing secure on the palm of my hand, I will be with you.

After mass, the Lord said to me:
My child, when you stand on the palm of my hand you can not fall, you are secure, I protect you. Have no fear, trust in me.
Whatever worries you have, whatever burdens, whatever problems; always consult me. Ask my advice, seek my help.
Cast all your burdens onto me, because I look after you.

Note: I finished my day without any trouble whatsoever, and I was very peaceful and full of thanksgiving. Thank you Jesus …


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Received by Joseph of Jesus and Mary
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