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Messages of Jesus - THE POWERS OF YOUR FAITH  469   7/24/1996   THE POWERS OF YOUR FAITH

My child, today I ask you to place your attention on the souls of those who reject me. They reject Love because they have opened their hearts maliciously to the spirit of the Evil One.
They reject the Truth because the father of lies speaks to their hearts and his words of corruption are sweet to them.
They reject Life because they believe in false promises, in empty fantasies that can only bring them to perdition. They are also my creations of Love and I have suffered much for them too.
I stand at the door of their hearts knocking and knocking but they are too distracted to even listen to me, they are too engrossed in their materialism, they are truly possessed by the evil one.
I came to deliver the captives from the slavery of the devil; I personally cast out many devils and sent them to hell.
My child, to the believers these signs accompany them; in my name they can cast out devils and set captives free.
Use the Powers of your faith to fight the evil one in the people that you love. Invoke the Power of my name to cleanse this wicked humanity, use this authority over unclean spirits to prepare a path for the Lord who wants to enter into their lives.
I bless you my child.


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Received by Joseph of Jesus and Mary
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