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Messages of Jesus - DAY OF PLANTING  601   11/30/1996   DAY OF PLANTING

Day of trip to Gosford near Sydney, with El Shaddai Catholic Prayer Group.

My dear child; today has been a day of planting. Today you went far away to another city to witness the great things that your Lord has done for you.
My child, my Holy Spirit has moved you to go and preach my Gospel, to go and plant the seeds of my words, which are seeds of peace and love, seeds of change.
My child, for the seeds to grow, the soil has to be watered and fertilized by constant prayer, devotion and by my sacramental blood.
Pray my child, that they will bear much fruit of the Holy Spirit. Pray that the enemy will not spoil your work and that my Grace will renew the hearts of those that you meet.
Keep up my good work in souls through your continuous commitment despite the sacrifice involved.
Whatever you do for your brothers and sisters, whether physically or spiritually, you are doing for me.
I bless you in the seeds of my Love.


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