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Purity is the original state of the soul, the brightness of your spirit. Purity is the respect that you give to your bodies and to your souls. Treat your bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit, as tabernacles of my presence.
You who acknowledge me in the Real Presence of the Eucharist, when you receive me, you receive my purity.
If you desecrate your bodies and your minds with impure thoughts or with the lust of the flesh, you desecrate my presence in you.
Purity of heart, mind and soul is achieved when you allow me to dwell in you and overcome the flesh by surrendering your bodies to me.
The gift of pro - creation has been desecrated with lust. It is intended to be a fruit of purity. Sex has a very good unitive value in marriage, but outside marriage is an abomination. Homosexuality and other sexual aberrations are horrible attacks against purity.
Overcome impurity by fasting with all your senses. Let your spirits be masters of your bodies; do not let the flesh master the spirit.


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Received by Joseph of Jesus and Mary
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