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Messages of Jesus - PRODUCING THE FRUIT  743   4/20/1997   PRODUCING THE FRUIT

My dear child, I am the Word of Life, if you listen to my voice and act you will live forever.
I have created you with a soul in my image so that you can know me through my testimony and through your own love; I have given you a free will so that you can follow my direction if you desire to please me. I have given you the faculty of memory in your mind so that you can remember me constantly, so that you can meditate on this knowledge that I fill you with and so that you can serve me by producing the fruit that I expect from you. The fruit is for my glory and your reward is to be united to me in eternal life.
Those who come to me and stay with me I will never reject. But those who choose on their own free will to reject my will don’t belong to me, and I cast them away into everlasting fire.
I am the Lord your God, your Creator, your Judge, your Saviour, but I also have the power to condemn you for rejecting me.
I bless you in my Love, remain united to me. Amen.


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Received by Joseph of Jesus and Mary
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 Messages fromJesus - PRODUCING THE FRUIT