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Messages Jesus and Mary - THE MAN OF SORROWS  154   10/20/1995   THE MAN OF SORROWS

At the prayer meeting.
For several minutes I was given the pain of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, it is a pain of agony, a pain that seems to lead to death, it is very strong indeed, I have felt it before on other occasions. During this time I received these words from the Lord.

I am the Man of Sorrows. My Sacred Heart is still an open wound bleeding with sorrow. My soul is sorrowful unto death, yes, until the death of every soul that chooses evil and rejects my Love.
People still have not heard my message of Repentance; they would rather cherish their guilt than come to my Love to be forgiven.
I have placed before them Life and Death, but the majority choose death, they don’t know the meaning of Eternal Death, which is eternal separation of the Soul from my Love, you see, the soul cannot live without Love; this suffering is beyond your understanding.
It grieves my heart immensely to see their stubbornness and their rejection of my call.
Only a few console my heart by being faithful and by coming to Me in humility.
Can you give my heart consolation by praying for all your brothers and sisters, by making reparation with Love and by coming closer to Me?
Heal my wounds with the medicine of Love.
Love God and love your neighbour.

Messages from Jesus, Mary and God the Father
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 Messages from Jesus, Mary and God the Father - THE MAN OF SORROWS