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Messages Jesus and Mary - THE UGLINESS OF SIN  464   7/19/1996   THE UGLINESS OF SIN

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
My dear child, everybody must know the true meaning of having a humble and contrite heart because this is the only way to approach the Lord in complete reverence. You must ask the Lord to show you with His Light the ugliness of your sin.
Sin is darkness, so when it is exposed to the Light of the Spirit it is seen for what it is, a monstrous human creation that opposes the Love of God.
Make a sincere examination of your conscience daily, especially in the morning and night prayers. Do not allow the evil one to deceive you making you believe that you are in a good and perfect relationship with the Lord.
Sin is the obstruction to the Grace of God, so you must confess it and cleanse your soul with the Precious Blood of my Son Jesus your Saviour.
Try my child to be the purest soul, the most precious altar of the Blood of my Son, the Most Holy Tabernacle of the Presence of God, try to become like me.
Try my child to excel in every virtue, make every moment of your day one opportunity to grow in Holiness and in the Knowledge of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Examine and cross examine your thoughts, words and actions and let them be purified in the Light of my Perfections.
Keep your soul burning with Love in the flames of Love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and of my Immaculate Heart.
Live to glorify God by your unique way of Worship. If there is something for you to be proud of, let it be the knowledge and adoration to our God.
In my Grace I bless you my child.

Messages from Jesus, Mary and God the Father
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 Messages from Jesus, Mary and God the Father - THE UGLINESS OF SIN