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Messages Jesus and Mary - MY PEACE  549   10/10/1996   MY PEACE

My dear child, I am the Lord your God, the King of Peace, your ransom from the captivity of sin.
I have died so that you may have life abundantly.
The dead rise as they listen to my words, they come out of their graves, they receive my blood and their souls begin to glow, those who listen to my words with their hearts come out of their sepulchres and live forever.
My child, repentance is a very serious commitment to stop sinning and to begin producing abundant fruit for the Lord. Conversion is the process of turning away from yourself and from the world to come into my promise of Joy.
I grant my Peace to you as a sign of my Presence and by this measure must you examine your conscience daily.
I insist that you must forgive other people before I can forgive you because it is by my Mercy that you exist.
I donít become annoyed and irritated as your human nature demands when things donít please you.
If you are merciful, you already have the mind of Christ; you are ready to deal with all situations in the serenity and wisdom of my Peace.
My Peace I give to you my child, give my Peace to others and live to minister my Mercy throughout your life and interiorly by your prayers.
Peace be with you my child.

Messages from Jesus, Mary and God the Father
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 Messages from Jesus, Mary and God the Father - MY PEACE