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Messages Jesus and Mary - CONTINUOUS CONVERSION  658   1/25/1997   CONTINUOUS CONVERSION

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
My dear child, today, as you celebrate in the Church the Conversion of St. Paul, I want you to meditate on the process of conversion so that you can be a source of inspiration to others to convert.
Every man is blinded by sin and in darkness he lives, he justifies his actions, he leans on holy teachings but makes his own as well to destroy what is holy.
The pride of man is aroused by Lucifer who in his fury allows some of the truth to be retained, but he destroys the soul by making it work for itself and not for God.
To work for God you must become selfless, you must do everything for the Love of God and not for your benefit; you must deny yourself of any glory so that the Lord can be glorified. You must live in total humility asking the Lord what He wants you to do, you must live by His Will not by yours, and like St. Paul you must allow God to throw you off your seat of pride, you must acknowledge your blindness and you must repent.
You must be totally empty of your past sinfulness and die to the old self so that by the Power of the Holy Spirit you may be born anew to live a new life for God only.
Conversion is the Grace of God that aided by your repentance will turn you from a sinner to a saint.
Ask St. Paul to help you to live in a continuous conversion.

Messages from Jesus, Mary and God the Father
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 Messages from Jesus, Mary and God the Father - CONTINUOUS CONVERSION