The Marian Movement
of Priests

Father Gobbi, enjoying the prayers of the Rosary

Devotions to Our Lady are not only restricted to the laity, in fact most saints have been priests and religious, because Our Lady is full of Grace and saints are only made by Grace.

Fr. Stephano Gobbi went on pilgrimage to Fatima on the 8th of May 1992. He was praying to Our Lady in the little Chapel of the Apparitions for unity in the Church and fidelity from priests, there He asked Our Lady for help and he obtained it. He began to receive interior locutions from Our Lady which directed him to form the Marian Movement of Priests.

This movement consists in a spirituality of prayer and penance, a deep conversion from the heart, a life according to the gospel, the daily recitation of the Holy Rosary, detachment from materialism, trust in the teachings of the Magisterium of the Church, prayer and support for the Holy Father, bishops and priests and devotion to Jesus in the Holy Eucharist.

The movement has spread throughout the world and is supported by more than 150.000 priests and millions of lay people who pray the cenacles.

For a period of over twenty five years, Our Lady gave Father Gobbi interior locutions which are a spiritual formation that leads to a total consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The last message for the public was received on December 31st. 1997, and our Lady says that everything has been said in the messages, and that we must meditate them and live them.

Cenacles of Prayer have been designed by Our Lady in order to combat the devil and to keep us enclosed in the safe refuge of Her Immaculate Heart.

The Marian Movent of Priests fulfills the desires of Our Lady in Her Message of Fatima.

"In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph"

The format of the Cenacle consists in:

1     Prayer for the coming of the Holy Spirit, from one of the messages: " Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary your well beloved Spouse"

2      Recitation of the Holy Rosary

3      Prayers for the Holy Father

4      Reading and meditation of one of the messages or part of it , contained in "The blue book" To the priests Our Lady's beloved sons.

5      Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.



A Cenacle can be prayed by two people and it is most recommended for families, to keep unity and peace.



"Come Holy Spirit, come by means of the Immaculate Heart of Mary your well beloved spouse" part of message 226 June 7,1981

In the messages Our Lady makes emphasis on the Coming of the Holy Spirit in the Second Pentecost for the Church and all humanity. This will be obtained with the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart.
She points out how this humanity has been led astray by the devil through the seductions of the world and of passions.
The remedy is found in the devotions to Her Immaculate Heart and to the Holy Eucharist.
She promises to lead all her children back to God, "as we try to live the Act of Consecration."


To the priests, Our Lady's beloved sons       BLUE BOOK AND CENACLE BOOKLETS

Here are just a few of the centres where the books are available from the Marian Movement.

The Marian Movement of Priests
National Director
P.O.Box 636
Castle Hill, N.S.W. 2154 Australia

I. Nardizzi
5 Keany Place
City Beach 6015, Perth, W. Australia

The Marian Movement of Priest
Rev. Michael J. Gaughran, S.S.C.
"Lyndhurst" Park Rd.
Waterloo, Liverpool, England L22 3XE

Rev. Antonio B. Olaguer, S.J.
La Ignaciana # 2215 Pedro Gil St., Sta. Ana
Metro Manila, 632 Philipines
Tel 50-12-36/50 21 68

The Marian Movement of Priests
Rev. Ronald Cairns O.M.I.
Catholic Church Alexandra
P.O.Box 39084, Bramley
2018 Johannesburg, South Africa

The Marian Movement of Priests
Rev. Albert G. Roux
P.O.Box 8
St. Francis, Maine, 04774-0008, USA 


Padre Francisco Nuņez Gomez
Avenida 81 No. 48-95
Apt. 204 Santa Fe de Bogota, Colombia, SA
Tel. 1 225 0893


Potalino P. Paulino
c/o Grafiche Ballerini
voa Nazionale Adriatica Nord, 444
65123 Pescara Italia
Tel 085 4711 941

the Cenacle



Prayers for the Holy Father

May the Lord preserve Him and give him life and make him blessed upon the earth, and deliver him not up to the will of his enemies.

Prayers for the intentions of the Holy Father

Our Father who art in Heaven.....
Hail Mary full of Grace.....
Glory be to the Father, .....

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