Little girl, I tell you: get up.

Catholic Gospels - Homilies, Matthew, Luke, Mark, John - Inspirations of the Holy Spirit  Little girl, I tell you: get up. Catholic Gospels - Homilies - Matthew, Luke, Mark, John - Inspirations of the Holy Spirit

Year B -  13th Sunday in ordinary time

Little girl, I tell you: get up.

Little girl, I tell you: get up. Catholic Gospels - Matthew, Luke, Mark, John - Inspirations of the Holy Spirit Mark 5:21-43

21 And when Jesus had crossed again in the boat to the other side, a great crowd gathered about him; and he was beside the sea.
22 Then came one of the rulers of the synagogue, Ja'irus by name; and seeing him, he fell at his feet,
23 and besought him, saying, "My little daughter is at the point of death. Come and lay your hands on her, so that she may be made well, and live."
24 And he went with him. And a great crowd followed him and thronged about him.
25 And there was a woman who had had a flow of blood for twelve years,
26 and who had suffered much under many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and was no better but rather grew worse.
27 She had heard the reports about Jesus, and came up behind him in the crowd and touched his garment.
28 For she said, "If I touch even his garments, I shall be made well."
29 And immediately the hemorrhage ceased; and she felt in her body that she was healed of her disease.
30 And Jesus, perceiving in himself that power had gone forth from him, immediately turned about in the crowd, and said, "Who touched my garments?"
31 And his disciples said to him, "You see the crowd pressing around you, and yet you say, `Who touched me?'"
32 And he looked around to see who had done it.
33 But the woman, knowing what had been done to her, came in fear and trembling and fell down before him, and told him the whole truth.
34 And he said to her, "Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace, and be healed of your disease."
35 While he was still speaking, there came from the ruler's house some who said, "Your daughter is dead. Why trouble the Teacher any further?"
36 But ignoring what they said, Jesus said to the ruler of the synagogue, "Do not fear, only believe."
37 And he allowed no one to follow him except Peter and James and John the brother of James.
38 When they came to the house of the ruler of the synagogue, he saw a tumult, and people weeping and wailing loudly.
39 And when he had entered, he said to them, "Why do you make a tumult and weep? The child is not dead but sleeping."
40 And they laughed at him. But he put them all outside, and took the child's father and mother and those who were with him, and went in where the child was.
41 Taking her by the hand he said to her, "Tal'itha cu'mi"; which means, "Little girl, I say to you, arise."
42 And immediately the girl got up and walked (she was twelve years of age), and they were immediately overcome with amazement.
43 And he strictly charged them that no one should know this, and told them to give her something to eat.

Inspiration of the Holy Spirit - From the Sacred Heart of Jesus

13th Sunday in ordinary time - Little girl, I tell you: get up. I am the resurrection and the life. All power has been given to me by my Heavenly Father, to be the source of life, health and eternal life.

I am compassionate, generous and loving. I desire to extend my riches to any one who has faith in me and loves me. I promised that I would be with you until the end of time and indeed I am with you now, because I am faithful to my word.

Those who had faith in me received the benefit of my miracles during my time on earth, and those who believe in the power of my name and acknowledge the holiness of my spirit will see miracles and wonders happening before their eyes. I am the Word of God; therefore what I say is true.

That woman, who had a constant hemorrhage for twelve years and had spent all her money on doctors and medicines, heard about me. She decided to put all her trust in me. “If I just touch his garments, I shall be healed." And I rewarded her faith by granting her a miracle.

Jairus, a ruler of the Synagogue came to me in desperation because his daughter was dying, he knelt before me and asked me to lay my hands on her so that she could live. I agreed to come with him. But while we were on the way, he received a message that his daughter had died already. I reassured him saying, “do not fear, but believe.” This man believed, others even laughed at me when I told them that she would awake.

At my command, the little girl woke up and started moving around, to the amazement of the group of unbelievers.

Is there anything too wonderful for God? Is there anything impossible for me who am life? Is there anything impossible for me, Jesus Christ, the Word of God that created everything that exists?

I tell you solemnly, I am life, I have the power to heal and restore anyone who has faith. I did wonderful things when I was in the flesh, and I still do them now in the spirit. I gave the power to heal to my apostles and I still give it to those who truly believe in me.

Ask with faith and you shall be given. Believe firmly in me and you shall obtain what you ask in prayer, provided that is in accordance to the will of God.

Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in your prayers. Your prayers must not be just requests of healing. Before you ask for anything, remember what I have asked of you in my word. Like the faithful and humble people who received my miracles in the past; come before me with a humble and contrite heart, enter my courts with thanksgiving and praise, worship the Lord your God and you will receive blessings and graces every time.

Author: Joseph of Jesus and Mary

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