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561  Blessed  Jose Maria Escriva, "A priest forever"

"In the Holy Mass, all the affections and needs of a Christian's heart find their best channel: through Christ the Mass leads to the Father in the Holy Spirit. The priest should make a special effort to ensure that people know this and put it into practice. No other activity should, normally, take precedence over this task of teaching people to love and venerate the Holy Eucharist." 

562  Blessed  Jose Maria Escriva, "A priest forever"

"We must remember that all of us priests, saints or sinners, are not ourselves when we celebrate Holy Mass. We are Christ, who renews on the altar his divine sacrifice of Calvary. In the mystery of the eucharistic sacrifice, in which priests fulfil their principal function, the work of our redemption is continually carried out. For this reason its daily celebration is earnestly recommended. This celebration is an act of Christ and the Church even if it is impossible for the faithful to be present." 

563  Blessed  Jose Maria Escriva, "A priest forever"

"Sacrifice and priesthood are so united by God's ordination, that in both laws - the old and the new covenant - both have existed. Since therefore the Catholic Church in the New Testament has received, through the Lord's institution, the visible sacrifice of the Eucharist, we must also hold that she has a new priesthood, visible and external, which has taken the place of the old priesthood. " 

564  Blessed  Jose Maria Escriva, "The Supernatural Aim of the Church"

"Let us not forget that conscience can be culpably deformed and harden itself in sin, resisting the saving action of God. That is why it is necessary to spread Christ's doctrine, the truths of faith and the norms of Christian morality. That is also why we need the sacraments, all of which were instituted by Jesus Christ as instrumental causes of his grace [32] and remedies for the weaknesses that ensue from our fallen nature. [33] Finally, that is why we need to receive frequently the sacraments of Penance and the Eucharist." 
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