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Power of Holy Mass - Holy Communion

14 wonders of the power of Holy Mass

After reading this you will understand the treasure of the Holy Mass.

1 – At the hour of death, your greatest consolation will be the Holy Masses that you devoutly attended during your life.

2 – Every Holy Mass you have heard will accompany you to the Divine Court and will advocate for you to obtain forgiveness.

3 – With each Holy Mass you can lessen the temporal punishment that you deserve for your sins, in proportion to the Fervour with which you listen.

4 – With the devout participation of the Holy Mass you pay the greatest homage to the Most Holy Humanity of Our Lord. The well-attended Holy Mass supplies your greatest negligence and omission.

5 – For the Holy Mass well heard forgive all your venial sins that you are determined to avoid, and many others that you do not even remember. The demon also loses control over you.

6 – By offering the Holy Mass, you offer even greater comfort to the blessed souls of Purgatory.

7 – A Holy Mass devoutly attended while you live, will bring you much more benefit than many offered for you after your death.

8 – You are freed from many dangers and misfortunes in which you might fall, if it were not for Holy Mass.

9 – Remember also that with Holy Mass you reduce your purgatory.

10 – With each Holy Mass you increase your degree of glory in Heaven. In it you receive the blessing of the Priest, which God ratifies in heaven.

11 – During the Holy Mass you kneel in the midst of a multitude of angels invisibly attending to the Holy Sacrifice.

12 – You get blessings in your business and temporal affairs.

13 – When we hear Holy Mass in honour of a particular saint, giving thanks to God for the favours requested of this saint, we gain his protection and special love, for the joy and happiness that his works follow.

14 – Every day that we hear Mass, besides the other intentions, we must honour the Saint of the day.

Archbishop of St. Louis
September 26, 1909

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