Exorcisms that failed - Warning

Mark 9:17-29 The Apostles, even using the authority given to them were not able to cast out a demon from a possessed boy, Jesus had to do the exorcism personally, he criticized the lack of faith and explained that some evil spirits could only come out through prayer and fasting.  

Acts 19:13-17 Some Jews and the seven sons of Sceva tried to exorcise a man in the name of Jesus, who was preached by the Apostle Paul, but to their disappointment, the possessed man jumped over them giving them such a beating that they left the place naked and bleeding. 

First we realize that to exorcise is a difficult job even for the apostles themselves who were authorized by Jesus personally. Now regarding those who are not genuine believers, to try to give orders to an evil spirit  is a very high risk that may even cause the evil spirit to take possession of them or any one present. 

Authority to perform exorcisms, given by the Catholic Church

Only priests authorized by a Bishop may officially do the solemn rite of Exorcism to persons who after psychological examination are accepted as being influenced or possessed by evil spirits and are in need of an exorcism. 

Types of Exorcism - Deliverance

Solemn. This term is applied to an exorcism done officially under the authority of the Catholic Church to a person possessed by evil spirits. A rigorous psychological evaluation must be conducted on  the victim, to establish if this is a case of possession, diabolical influence or to determine if it is a fraud.

The victim must show the typical signs that accompany those who are possessed, among them the knowledge of other languages, prediction of the future, blasphemies and abhorrence of holy things such as holy water, salt or blessed oil, he may display supernatural strength, levitation, etc.  

Only an authorized priest can do the exorcism following the official rite of the Church. The devil or devils present in the possessed person receive orders from the exorcist to leave and never to come back, in the name of Jesus Christ and the Church in general, which received from Christ the promise that the gates of hell would not prevail against it. (Matthew 16:18)

According to Canon 1172 of the Code of Canon Law no one may licitly perform exorcisms on those who are possessed, unless he has obtained particular and express permission from the local ordinary (section 1), and it decrees that this permission is to be granted by the Ordinary only to priests who are outstanding in piety, knowledge, prudence, and integrity of life (section 2). 

Private. The faithful of the Church may say prayers of deliverance, in which they ask divine intervention to cast out the evil influence on any person, place or object. Because of the extreme danger involved, and the lack of knowledge about the enemy, it is very important to know more deeply all about the devil and his angels, and this is why the Church doesn't allow exorcisms to be done by any one, except by a priest officially qualified by a Bishop.

1 Peter 5:8-9 Saint Peter, the head of the apostles exhorts us to have discipline and to be alert, because the devil, our adversary is like a roaring lion who is prowling around seeking for someone to devour. Saint Peter tells us to resist him by remaining firm in our faith. 

Let us then be armed with great faith in God, let us grow in spiritually, so that God will listen to our prayers of deliverance. 

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