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The Great Jubilee 2000 

The Work of God - Jubilee

The Jubilee, and the nations of the world

The call to holiness is not merely for Christians but for everyone. God calls for debts to be forgiven and for justice to reign in the Land.

Already at the beginning of the Jubilee good news have come from rich countries cancelling unpayable debts of the poorest countries living in a debt trap, therefore giving a chance to millions of people to have a better chance in life.

United States President Clinton is committed to the cancellation of 100% of USA's bilateral debts, this puts public pressure G7 creditors to follow suit.

Canada will cancel 100% of the debts owed by Bangladesh under the Canadian Debt Initiative.

Great Britain. Nearly 100 members of the British Parliament have signed up to a resolution calling for the British government to start the new millennium cancelling debts from the poorest nations.

Australia Australia is cancelling debt from Papua and New Guinea.

Other rich countries are expected to put into practice the good resolutions that are being taken to promote justice in the land, following the counsels of the Holy Spirit.

Considering the initiative of those countries following the Spirit of Justice and Charity, everyone one should pray for equality in this new millennium, so that the rich share with the poor.

St. Paul urges us to pray for our leaders [1 Timothy 2:1], they have great responsibility before God and before his people.

Let us do to others as we would like them to do to us, let us love our neighbour as we love ourselves. Let the words of Christ be the rule of the nations.

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