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Important Notice:

The printing of more books of "The Father speaks to his children" is very important. The cost of printing 1000 books is $400.00 AU dollars in any of the languages below.

Available in: English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Albanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Polish, Dutch, French, Korean and Arabic. But we need sponsors to help us to print this heavenly work.

Become an apostle of this noble work by donating money for printing and by becoming a distributor, the books are not to be sold but to be given away, the Lord will touch the hearts of generous people to contribute to this important work.

Address your inquiries and donations  to :

Ms Theresa Tan
18 Salt Street

FAX: +61 02-97445797
Tel + 61 02 97448674


The Work of God    |     God the Father

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