Prayer for water
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prayer for water, water prayer, weather prayer,Baptism of fire and water

Prayer for water

Heavenly Father, Almighty God, Lord God, Most High.

As I am using water to wash myself, to drink and to live; I want to thank you for this most precious gift.

I bless water in your Holy Name and I ask you to bless it once more, so that we may continue to enjoy this gift.

You sanctified water even at the beginning of creation as Your Spirit hovered above the waters. You sanctified water in such way, that we learned in the Holy Scriptures that several times you miraculously washed lepers clean, and then you sanctified water in the person of Your Son Jesus Christ as He was baptized with water in the Jordan river.
We become sanctified by baptism with water in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Water in indispensable to life, it has a great similarity to Your Spirit. In You we live, we move and have our being. We would die without you. In the same way in water we live, we move and have our being. Without water we would die. Your spirit cleanses our souls of our sins just as water cleanses our bodies.

You have invited us to drink of the living waters of Your Spirit so that we may live eternally; we also need to drink water in order to live our earthly existence.

Thanks to water we have food that comes from the earth that has been irrigated in order to be fertile. Water brings life to creation.

I bless the rivers in your holy name; I bless the lakes, the oceans, the ice deposits, the mountains and all the sources of water including those deposits under the surface of the earth. I bless the water in the atmosphere.

It is said that 80% of our bodies is water. I bless the water in my body too. Lord my God, please bless water once more.

I look around and I see that water is becoming very scarce. The good water that we need so much is disappearing. You promised to Noah that we would not be punished by floods anymore and yet I see that because we have disappointed You with our sins we are receiving your Justice by way of water.

Too much water caused by storms and heavy rains is becoming a great problem. The floods are causing destruction to crops, property, animals and human life. Many poor people are becoming homeless and unemployed because of the calamities caused by water.

By contrast lack of water is causing a lot of human suffering and many areas of the earth are having draughts which are causing many losses. We are losing our crops, animals are dying, the earth is becoming useless and many human beings are losing their lives too.

The weather is becoming a great problem, sometimes we are having either too much rain other times too little. Sometimes it is becoming too hot other times it is too cold. The weather is out of control.
Blessed Lord, my God, please sanctify water once more. Forgive us our sins, send the living waters of Your Holy Spirit to purify us. Change us, restore us to the sanctity you intended for us.

Bless the water of the earth, bless mother nature once more, so that we have more moderate weather throughout the world. Lord God, You are a God of control, please bless the work of Your hands, bless us and bless the water that we need so much. Bless the earth and bless us your creatures the temples of Your Holy Spirit.

Lord, since I am a sinner I have nothing to offer you in exchange for this petition, but I offer you the merits of the incarnation, life, sufferings and death of Jesus Christ Your Son. Lord, please don’t look at our sins but at the faith of your Church. I offer you the Most Precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Your dearly Beloved Son in atonement  for all the sins committed against the ten commandments. I also offer You all the Holy Masses offered in the past, those that are being offered now and those that will be offered in time and eternity.

I also pray to You Blessed Virgin Mary our Heavenly Mother, to intercede for us in our sufferings.


prayer for water, water prayer, weather prayer,Baptism of fire and water

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