Prayers not answered?

God is the answer

Prayers not answered? In our despair, we to turn to God when we need help.
Are we asking with faith or are we perhaps using God as a last resort? Are we instructing God to help us?
We usually don't call Him in our good times to thank Him or praise Him, but we are very quick to call him when we are in trouble. Is it just?
We wouldn't ask help from someone we don't know because we don't trust we will receive a good answer. This is why we must love God and know Him well. God is our Father and he showers his favors on good and bad alike, He is most gracious to those who love Him.
The good thing is that no prayer goes unanswered. Now you may say but I have prayed and didn't receive what I asked for. You may think you are right, but God always answers in some way even if it is unknown to us. In fact, when we come to Him, we are already praising Him by accepting that He is God. When we don't receive what we ask we will receive other graces that we need more urgently. At least by praying, we are before our God and He will shine His light upon our souls being pleased that at least we call Him Father. In our encounter with God in prayer, we never leave empty-handed.

The Lord says:
If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask in prayer." Mat 21:22
Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. Mat 7:7

The Lord speaksI am very sensitive to every word that you say to me, even every sigh. I listen to your heart and I feel your brokenness, I never despise your prayer. I cause my grace to flow into your life when you come to me with a humble and contrite heart.
If you live in mortal sin you have me crucified, then how can you expect to gain my favour? I nevertheless cause my goodness to come upon you in some way, even if it is leading you to repentance. Then when you pray with sincerity and contrition I give you what your need. Many times it has been declared by the Divine Will that you must suffer in order to purify your soul, in that case, your prayer may not be answered as you expect, but my grace will flow into your life or the lives of others as a holy fountain that never dries. Prayer is the way you talk to me, so your prayers are never a waste of time. I am always listening.

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