My soul is suffering

God is the answer

My soul is suffering The soul lives in our body and is the spiritual center of our being. It is like an invisible spiritual prisoner living in the human house made of the dust of the earth. The soul was created perfect and full of light since it is the breath of God, our sins have covered that light with a cloud of filth that separates us from God. In fact, when we sin, our souls are suffering because sin leads the soul to death. The soul of a hardened sinner is actually dead even though the body is alive. The soul is the breath of God that gives life to the body, it is also our own good or bad spiritual breath in the sense that it registers the good and bad of our life, it is like a database where our life is written. At the end of our lives, the soul separates from the body, the soul of the virtuous goes to heaven or to be purified further until made perfect once again in the fire of love. The souls of those who don't repent and come to God will go to the eternal punishing fire of hell.
When a person lives in a state of sin, he may look very happy exteriorly, but his soul is suffering like a leper, that soul is perishing, it has lost the spiritual life-giving energy which is the blood of Christ. Only repentance, confession and the Precious Blood of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist can give life and strength back to that soul.
The soul of a virtuous person suffers with the sufferings of Jesus for the state of sinners, a suffering soul in this mystic state imitates Christ and obtain graces for the conversion of many souls. Sometimes the sufferings of the body are a reflection of the sufferings of the soul.
Jesus is the life. His soul encompasses all souls and He suffered for all of them because of our sins. He paid in his sacred humanity for the sins of all humanity.
The Lord says:
Mat 26:38
My soul is consumed with sorrow to the point of death. (in other words, my soul is suffering until I die.) Stay here and keep watch with Me.
About Jesus:
Isaiah 53:3
He was despised and rejected by others, and a man of sorrows, intimately familiar with suffering.

The Lord speaksI am the life of all those who live, I am the spirit of all spirits, I am the soul of all souls.
I am a true man and true God. As a human being, I descended to the world in order to pay for the sins of all humanity. The offense before God is infinite, but my offering as the Lamb of God who takes the sins of the world satisfies the Divine Justice. I took upon myself the punishment for all sins and I restore souls to the original Divine Life with my Precious Blood.
There is no sin, so grave that it may not be forgiven by Divine Mercy. I forgive all sins when there is repentance.
Oh, souls...., Oh suffering souls because of your burden of sin, suffer no more. Repent, come to me and be purified for eternal life. I already suffered for you, now come to me and live eternally in my Joy.

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