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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - COME TO ME RUNNING  162   10/27/1995   COME TO ME RUNNING

At the prayer meeting.

My dear children,
I want you to open up your hearts and remember when you were little children.
Remember how you used to cry when you were lonely, when you were afraid, when were hungry, when you were dirty, when you hurt yourself, when you cut your little fingers and how you went running to your mummy to find consolation.
Well it is the same now; I want you to come to me whenever you have any kind of problems. I am your Heavenly Father who cares for you like a tender mother, I can see all the wounds of your souls and I know how much you are hurting.
So come to me, repent, come to me humbly, come to me running, I want to care for you, I want to heal you, I want to console you, but have great faith and trust in Me and you will see how I respond.

Messages from God the Father

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 Messages from God the Heavenly Father - COME TO ME RUNNING