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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - THE ALL LOVING FATHER  327   9/3/1996   THE ALL LOVING FATHER

The Heavenly Father:
I am your all loving Father who has created you in my Love. You have been created to be united to my Love and to love one another.
I am always ready to receive you in my arms if you come to me with a humble and contrite heart, if you change your lives of sin for new lives in my Grace, if you come to me like the prodigal son in the gospel, because you all are my prodigal children.
You began to experience my Love in the womb of your mothers, then you discovered my Love in your parents, in your brothers and sisters, in your friends, in your husbands and wives, in my creation. But there was a moment when you turned away from my Love to seek your own self love, you began to gratify your senses, you ignored my commandments, and you rejected my Will at the cost separating yourselves from me through your indifference.
And yet my Love is immutable, I don’t reject anyone who comes to me with sincerity, humility and repentance. I am slow to anger, kind and merciful.
My heart is open to you to show you my Love, to embrace and to give you everlasting life. I am the all loving Father, your Light, come to me so that you become liberated from your darkness.

Messages from God the Father

Received by Joseph of Jesus and Mary
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 Messages from God the Heavenly Father - THE ALL LOVING FATHER