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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - YOUR MOTHER OF MERCY  271   1/20/1996   YOUR MOTHER OF MERCY

Before the Blessed Sacrament during a Cenacle at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Convent.
I said, Blessed Mother Mary, forgive me all the sins that I have committed against your Son Jesus.

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
I am your Mother of Mercy; I forgive you the offences that you have committed against my Son. Yes, I am a forgiving mother, because every one of you has cost me a great deal of tears. I am prepared to shed even tears of blood to bring you to conversion.
My heart is very sorrowful at the sight of so much sin and iniquity, for this reason I am the refuge of sinners, because every one is my child begotten at the foot of the cross and I am prepared to teach each one of you to come back to the Lord.
Temptations are presented by the devil mainly through the eyes, which are big windows to the world, and the soul is contaminated with the many unsightly images that are presented to it. For this reason I ask you to avoid looking longer than necessary any thing that may trigger desires in your mind, because if you do, the evil one will have succeeded in rousing you to carnal or worldly passions, then you will fall into sin, firstly with your mind.
Fight the battle against temptation by fasting with your senses, this way you can occupy your mind with more sublime thoughts.

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