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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - NEVER STOP LOVING  350   3/30/1996   NEVER STOP LOVING

The blessed Virgin Mary:
I am your Heavenly Mother, I begot you at the foot of the cross and you dwell in my heart my child, because you have consecrated yourself to my Immaculate Heart, because you have become little, and because you are a child of God.
I am the Mother of all the children of God. My Son Jesus has given me this privilege to mother you, to bring you close to Him, and it is for this that I ask you to pray. I ask you to pray my Holy Rosary because this prayer goes through the life of my Son and through my life, and in this prayer you will find all the answers to the Spiritual Life. I ask you my child to pray the Rosary because the Lord has given me the Rosary as the weapon to overcome Satan and to crush his head permanently. My child, when you pray, pray with great humility, when you pray feel as a slave coming before the great King, because Our Lord is the King of Kings and we must come to Him with great respect . Our God Loves us and we must love Him back, come to my Jesus, my child, with great tenderness, come to Him on the cross, realize how merciful He is, giving you life, giving His life for you. Yes my child, come at the feet of the cross my child and realize that your King has given His life for you, that this is how much He loves you. I ask you my child to love Him, I ask you my child to love me and to love all your brothers and sisters, love them as your children, love them with my maternal love, yes my child never stop loving because God is love.
I bless you my child.

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