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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - JESUS DYING ON THE CROSS  356   5/4/1996   JESUS DYING ON THE CROSS

Good Friday

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
My child, behold my Son Jesus dying on the cross for your sins and the sins of the whole world. He loved the world so much that He gave His own life to pay for all your sins. He took upon Himself the burden of the punishment that you all deserved. He emptied himself of everything that was His; His Power, His humanity and His divinity to redeem you to bring you from death to life and to share it with you. To share His Power with you through the resurrection; the Power of Life that you acquire with your faith. Yes He shared His life with you by dying, so that you inherit new life, eternal life. Yes my child, He shared Himself totally with You by means of His Holy Spirit that is now among all the believers, yes my Jesus gave himself totally to you.
My child, this mystery of your salvation you must contemplate daily when you receive the Holy Eucharist, because then you become a sepulchre and you bear the Presence of my Jesus crucified, you bear his most Precious Blood, and then you may share in His resurrection as you live a life in imitation of Him, so that you may resurrect with Him, so that you may live through him and for him, so that you may share your life also with others and that you may learn to love through the love that He has given you.
Yes my child this is the meaning of my Son among you, to change your heart, to change your life through imitation of Him, to change the world, to prepare your souls for everlasting life. As you contemplate the sufferings of my Son you also give me great consolation because you share in my suffering. I bless you my child.

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