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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - A NEW HEAVEN AND A NEW EARTH  420   6/6/1996   A NEW HEAVEN AND A NEW EARTH

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
My child, I desire to speak to you and to all my children; I speak through the Holy Spirit of the Lord, my voice is calling in the Spirit of Repentance and in the Spirit of Transformation so that the world may become a new heaven and a new earth.
My words are the words of encouragement that souls need to come back to the Lord.
In every soul there is a sacred place for the Lord, and even though that sanctuary may have been desecrated with sin, I am your Mother of Mercy and Reparation.
I come to my wounded children and I nurse them back to spiritual health and to Holy Fear of God.
My children need me, but so few remember me; on account of this I give special graces to those who love me and who consecrate their lives to me, I make them children of reparation, holy victims for the Love of God, who can help me in the work of bringing everyone to God through prayer and good works .
My voice is calling out continuously like a sad and lonely woman screaming in the desert, because of the foolishness of humanity that is so deaf to the voices from Heaven.
Pray my child for the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon all humanity, upon the good and the bad, so that in the Light of God they may see the darkness in which they have lived and appreciate the Holy Light of the Truth of God that will be shown to everyone.
Pray my child for the triumph of the Kingdom of God over the reign of satan.
The time is at hand for this event to occur, so prepare yourself and many others in the gospel of my Son as you wait expectantly for His Glorious second coming.
I love you my child.

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