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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - JESUS LOVES YOU  427   6/13/1996   JESUS LOVES YOU

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
My dear child, do not be contented with yourself unless you belong totally to the Sacred Heart of my Son. His Sacred Heart beats with great Love for everyone of you. It is by His Love that you have become children of the Most High.
Jesus loves you my child, He died personally for your sins and you must now live for Him and for Him only. When you know Jesus, you know how important it is to know me also.
It is from my Flesh and blood that Jesus was formed in my womb through the Power of the Holy Spirit. It is also in my spiritual womb, my Immaculate Heart, that all the children of God are formed.
I want to help you grow in the knowledge and Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ, through your faithfulness to me.
Let us stay together in this Holy Family of God. Let us glorify Him daily with praises and thanksgiving.
I love you my Child.

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