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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - HOLY REVERENCE FOR GOD  434   6/20/1996   HOLY REVERENCE FOR GOD

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
My dear child, reverence for God must be your greatest effort, because that involves humility, contrition, fear and respect for your great God. This is one of my sorrowful complaints, that men never stop to realize the Holiness and the magnificence of God, that they forget to thank and praise Him, the author of their lives, that they set up their egos as false gods before Him and that they surrender their lives to the enemy of God, the devil, through their search for pleasure and personal glory.
Holy reverence for God is so important that the more you offer it to the Lord, the more He will give you His Light, so that you discover Him and that at the same time you can discover your own nothingness and lowliness.
It is only then that you can receive that holy confidence in your heart to receive his conversation and favour. It is only then that you can prove to Him your self denial and that He will be pleased with you as you begin to fulfil His Will.
I ask you my child; be very humble and little, treat the Lord with your greatest reverence, especially as you are receiving this gifts of enlightenment through His words.
I will always tell you what to do, and I will strive to keep you free from pride and from the influences of the devil.
I am your Protectress and you may rest safely in my hands. I love you my child.

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