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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - MOTHER OF HELP  453   9/7/1996   MOTHER OF HELP

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
My child, I am your Mother of Help. I extend my hands to the needy and the poor. I see the desolation of my children and it causes me to weep with sorrow for their sins.
I pray constantly that they repent and come back to God with a true conversion.
There is much pain and agony in my church, many of my children are deserting me. I feel abandoned and without consolation.
I ask you to pray for the concern of your Heavenly Mother, look into my needs and unite yourself to my prayers, feel the love of a mother for all my children and see how much need there is to pray.
This world is completely blind and covered with a black cloud of sinfulness. Pray that the rays of the Mercy of God will pierce these clouds and that people will repent. Pray my child.

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