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Mensajes de Jesķs, MarŪa y Dios el Padre - BE A GOOD LISTENER  462   7/17/1996   BE A GOOD LISTENER

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
My dear child, I have been sent by the Lord to teach you Wisdom.
I am your Mother and I want you to be my good son who will put every bit of my Love in his heart.
My child, people donít learn much because they donít listen carefully. I used to ponder the words of the Lord in my heart and they grew within me and inflamed me with the Light of Wisdom.
You must be a good listener. Try to ponder in your heart every word that the Lord gives you. In the same way that your stomach digests very slowly the food that you eat, you must allow your mind and your soul to digest and ponder those words spoken to your heart.
The Lord is your friend and He has told you everything that you need to know to be His disciple, now you must take all this knowledge into the silent chambers of meditation and come before the Light that has been given to you.
The Holy Spirit is at work when you humble yourself before the Lord for His Wisdom. It is a gift that is granted when it is asked, because without Wisdom you stumble and fall like a blind man walking in darkness.
Be attentive my child to the petitions of the Lord, so that as you obey His Will, He will reward you for your faith.
My duty is to make sure that you donít abandon the path that the Lord has traced out for you.
Stay faithful my child to the teachings that you are receiving.
Do not let anything else fill your mind, have these words always in your mind and glorify the God of Wisdom that has favoured you in such way.
I love you.

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