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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - THE CHOICE IS YOURS  468   7/23/1996   THE CHOICE IS YOURS

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
Mother Mary, please speak to my heart, share your Wisdom with me, help me please.
Yes my child, I am here to speak to you, to correct you, to be the light of your path to the Lord and to be your protection and wisdom.
It is only to mere children that the Lord reveals the mysteries of the Kingdom, so hold my hand always as a little child trusting in his mother, dwell in my Immaculate Heart by fulfilling your act of consecration to me and keep your heart free from unspiritual things so that you may be a worthy recipient of the Wisdom of God.
You have the choice of opening your mind to all the knowledge of the world and to all the vain things that are passing by, or you can also open your heart to the Wisdom of God, to the holy instructions of Love that take you into everlasting life.
The choice is yours, and as a child of God you know your duty; for this I request your continuous adoration and praise to God and your faithful company to my Immaculate Heart because you need me and I want you to be holy as I am holy.
Stay with me my child, be always in the Presence of the Lord and obtain grace to be the Glory of God.
I love you my child.

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