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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - LOVE BEGETS GRACE  489   8/13/1996   LOVE BEGETS GRACE

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
My dear child, when you express your love to your Heavenly Mother you are distilling the fragrance of Christ.
The love for your mother is the first proof to God that you acknowledge the source or you life and care.
Yes, I have said my YES to God the Father to be His daughter, His mother, His spouse and to be the Mother of all His children, to give them life, to care for them and to purify them so that they can enter Heaven.
My task is a sweet motherly task, a heavenly and godly privilege, so unique that Love flows from my Immaculate Heart as a source of Life for Creation because God has thus disposed.
It is my Joy to be rewarded with the love of my children and you must let this Love grow within you so that my Graces may be multiplied among you all.
Love begets Grace my child, and I insist on your constant love for God and for your neighbour.
As you love God you learn to despise the world and all its attractions, your make yourself lighter as you empty your soul of worldly attachments, then you can rise spiritually close to the source of your love, Love itself, God the ever resplendent Sun of Love, Mercy, Justice, Grace and Glory.
Love my child, love much.

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