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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - THE CHARISM OF MY PRESENCE  498   8/22/1996   THE CHARISM OF MY PRESENCE

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
My dear child, ask the Lord daily to grant you the charism of my Presence. Ask the Lord to comfort you with my maternal Love, which was given to you at the foot of the cross.
Ask the Lord to bless you with the blessing of your Heavenly Mother.
I am the great blessing that the Lord has left on this earth as He ascended to Heaven. He has placed me in this arid desert to bring the Heavenly dew of Grace and Mercy to this poor humanity alienated from God.
Jesus with His great Love has opened the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven and I am here to always remind you to do whatever He tells you.
Every mother speaks to her children with the same words of concern over and over again, with the hope that her children will do what is correct.
In the same way but in a supernatural and heavenly manner I speak to all my children, I call them to repent and to convert, to turn away from the world and the flesh and to come to God, to live their lives in the Spirit.
My task as Heavenly Mother is full with sorrow because my words are ignored most of the time except by a few of my beloved children who in the end will be the chosen remnant of the house of Jacob, those who care to do the Will of God.
I bless you my child.

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