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The Blessed Virgin Mary:
My dear child, it is not a question of being worthy or unworthy as you come to God.
God is our Creator, the Supreme Being. In His Majestic Presence we feel our unworthiness and our wretchedness because we are mere creatures, dust of the earth gathered by His Holy Hands and given life by His Spirit.
Confess daily your unworthiness to the Lord, look very deeply within you and discover that there is nothing good coming from you, but discover also that the Lord is your Goodness and your love.
Acknowledge that you are an unworthy vessel but pray daily that the Lord will save you and deliver you.
Maintain the fear of the Lord as the rule of your life; don’t allow your little humility to be taken by the evil one. Strive to make your house the temple of the Lord and act according to the dignity that is given to you as a child of God.
I love you my child.

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