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Mensajes de Jess, Mara y Dios el Padre - SECRET OF SANCTITY  539   9/30/1996   SECRET OF SANCTITY

Note: (I received this message in the morning after Mass), My family and I have been undergoing afflictions for the past three weeks, I have been out of work, sick with the sinuses, my wife has been three days sick in bed, My daughter Monica went today to the Hospital because She has had glandular fever for the past two weeks with sleepless nights, vomit and headaches, last Saturday night my son received a terrible blow in his back and He is going to the chiropractic today, my daughter Katherine has been also sick with the flu, and I have been sharing in the prayer group all my afflictions and I praised the Lord for everything just as Job in the Holy Scriptures.
Before going to bed the Lord allowed to have a vision of His face and then I saw a fire in front of it, then I saw another fire and another and another until my vision was full with fire. I went to bed about ten oclock, then at eleven my son woke me up and told me dad the kitchen is on fire. I got up and put out the fire, I was laughing happily about it, and I was very honoured to have seen in advance what was going to happen. I praised the Lord.

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
My dear child, from the splendour of the Presence of the Lord I come to this valley of tears, to this spiritual desert to bring consolation and hope to those who love and trust the Lord.
Today you listened in the Holy Scriptures the story of Job, a God fearing man who was willing to accept the Will of God.
God justifies His people through His Will, and we must bless Him for His Glory, because God is God and we are nothing, therefore we must subject ourselves to His Holy Will.
This is a great secret of sanctity, to fear God and to accept humbly everything He sends you.
Do not worry my child; I am with you in the time of your trials.
I love you.

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