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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - PEOPLE STARVING FOR LOVE  565   10/25/1996   PEOPLE STARVING FOR LOVE

I continue to have visions almost on a daily basis of souls who are in need of prayer, last night I saw a woman walking in a narrow hallway carrying a child in her arms and she looked very distressed, it was about the time when I was falling asleep, so I prayed and I asked my wife to pray for that person who could be also an image of any other mother in distress.
This message was received in the morning after the holy mass and when I came back home in the afternoon I was informed of a very critical situation of a mother having problem with two teenagers taking drugs, and a nine year old who put the mother in a situation where she will have to answer in court for having punished her.

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
My dear child; put aside feelings of great love for those people that you don’t see physically but who are starving for love throughout the world.
My child, suffering abounds in the world and only love can alleviate the pain they are suffering.
Surrender your love to the Lord and this reflection of His goodness will shine to the souls of the needy.
Every soul needs love in order to live, but this world is starving for lack of love.
Egoism has destroyed the effect of Love on many souls. For this reason I ask you to pray unselfishly for all human beings.
Whether you can appreciate it or not, by being my child, you can intercede for others by the power of your faith and by the hope of your love, with complete confidence in the results, which will be your crown of glory in Heaven.
My child, love unconditionally in imitation of the Love of God.
I love you.

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