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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - BECOME SAINTS  572   1/11/1996   BECOME SAINTS

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
My dear child;
Today the Church celebrates the Feast day of all Saints. This is your day too, because you are called to be a Saint.
Indeed, there is no room in Heaven for anything unholy, and you all must become saints to enter the gates.
It is not easy to be a saint, but the reward is eternal life.
Every moment of your life, every thought of your mind and every person around you may lead you to sanctification if you live your life for God.
Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven and its righteousness so that everything else that you need will be given to you: you will find the protection of the Almighty and you will enjoy His Grace and favours.
Become a saint daily by obeying the commandments of the Lord, by listening to Him through His church, by practicing pious daily devotions and by extending your love to others with the hands of Charity.
Seek the Presence of the Lord every moment of your life, seek Him in every situation; listen to the voice of His Spirit.
Live for my God. I love you my child.

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