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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - PREPARING THE WAY FOR HIM  590   11/19/1996   PREPARING THE WAY FOR HIM

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
My dear child, I bless you with these words that come from my Immaculate Heart as a ray of Light that destroys the darkness of those who listen to them.
I rejoice daily with the love of my little children consecrated to me in obedience to my recommendations and in service to my other children who need so much the Love of God.
My child, you are a vessel of the Love of God, and your mission is to empty yourself and to enrich the hearts of those who have turned away from Love.
Pray my child with the power of Love, so that in your faith you can transform the world. Pray my child, with great trust in my intercession and guidance, because the Lord has entrusted me this task of preparing the way for Him who is coming in Glory.
Pray my child, very concerned for the salvation of every soul and remember that you have been made responsible for them and that you will have to give account to the Lord for the gifts that you have received.
The Love of God in your heart is not to be imprisoned but to be allowed to go freely in search for souls; the Love of God is salvation thirsting to be fulfilled in every soul.
I bless you my child for your cooperation with God, for your spirit of reparation and for your desire to intercede for your brethren. I unite you to the Love of my Immaculate Heart . Amen.

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