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Mensajes de Jess, Mara y Dios el Padre - YOUR PATIENT MOTHER  594   11/23/1996   YOUR PATIENT MOTHER

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
My dear child, even if you fall down I will lift you up. I am your forgiving mother who understands you, I am your patient mother who prays and waits for your change. For a very long time, even before you existed I was praying to the Lord for you to be saved. I am your mother, the Mother of all Gods children.
In me you will always find a secure refuge, a shoulder to lean on, a maternal bosom waiting for that prodigal child who has turned away from God.
I am filled with the great tenderness of the Heavenly Father who doesnt wish anyone to perish.
My child, if you come to me in your miseries, I will forgive you, I will touch your heart with my Holiness and I will move you to repentance, I will direct every step of your conversion.
This is my maternal duty; this is what I desire to do with so many of my children who are ignoring God.
Pray my child.

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