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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - GIFTS FROM GOD ARE GRACE  610   9/12/1996   GIFTS FROM GOD ARE GRACE

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
My dear child, today as the whole church venerates my Immaculate Conception, remember my promise to grant special graces to those who honour the mysteries of my gifts.
All gifts from God are Grace, I am full of Grace, I have been lavished with all the imaginable gifts from God. My child you have come back to the Lord through Grace and it is through Grace that you all have been saved.
I remind you of the first words that you heard in your heart which came from the love of my Immaculate Heart, words which I gave you as I revealed myself to you in a vision:

“ I am your mother of Grace, I am granting graces to all those who love me. “

And the Lord made me His special gift to all creation so that through me you may all receive the goodness of His heart.
Today when the church honours me as the Immaculate Conception, many graces are granted to the militant church on earth and to the suffering church in purgatory. As for the glorious and triumphant church in Heaven, accidental joy fills it too on account of this great feast.
Let this remind you of the importance of honouring your Blessed Immaculate Mother for the greater glory of God.

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