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Mensajes de Jess, Mara y Dios el Padre - THE GREAT CHASTISEMENT  621   12/19/1996   THE GREAT CHASTISEMENT

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
My dear child, prior to the celebration of Christmas the church calls upon all her children to prepare themselves for the second coming of the Lord and to celebrate his first coming to save the world.
The Lord has come, He has redeemed humanity by His death on the cross, He has left the medicine for the healing of souls in His true Church.
He has left words of everlasting life and He has made his eternal covenant with his people, signed with His precious blood and available to those who seek Him in the Holy Eucharist.
My child, how is this humanity preparing itself for the celebration of the birth of Jesus, the dawning of the salvation so long awaited?
My child, the world has entered into a very dark period of paganism, dominated by the search for pleasure, entertainment, immorality and destruction of all that is beautiful in the eyes of God.
People are hungry for the complacency of their senses; they have compromised their salvation by their alienation from God.
Never before has the patience of God been so exhausted and I am afraid that the time is very near for the great chastisement of the world to take place because people dont listen to God anymore, they reject what is holy but adore the mundane and carnal pleasures.
The time is just around the corner for the Justice of God to be manifested.
But I assure you that your efforts in prayer and devotions are not in vain and I ask you to continue your work for the Lord by maintaining your trust in Him and above all dont be afraid because the Lord will save all those who call on His name, but He will punish the wicked.
Prepare yourself my child, pray, fast and do what is good in the eyes of God, and let the Will of God take place in your life without worrying, because you love God and He cares for you.
Preach the Gospel of Repentance and be firm in your warning to everyone that the Lord will come and that theyd better be ready because the time of Salvation is NOW.
I can not put it to you in more urgent words, I can only stress to you the need for prayers, and I also pray on my knees continually for the conversion of the world before the short time of darkness when the Lord will take revenge.
Remain in my love; remain in your trust of the Divine Providence because these coming times call for the perseverance and the prayers of the saints.
My blessings to you my child and to those who hear me through you.

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