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Mensajes de Jesús, María y Dios el Padre - THE ABOMINATION OF ABORTION  623   12/21/1996   THE ABOMINATION OF ABORTION

The Blessed Virgin Mary:
My dear child, today I want you to pray for mothers.
At the moment of the conception of a new life, a woman enters into a beautiful relationship with God as co-creator. A new soul receives the breath of life and now a new human being comes into existence.
That embryo, that tiny human being is your little brother or sister who is helpless and who depends totally on the mother.
My child, the greatest sin today is the sin against human life, the destruction of the unborn by contraceptive methods which hinder and stop the progress of life and the abomination of abortion. All this is the consequence of the impurity in which the world lives.
Jesus is the life of every soul, but just as He was executed on the cross by a sinful humanity, He continues to be executed in the wombs of pregnant women.
My child, this crime causes me to shed tears of blood and it calls for immense reparation to God.
The Lord will ask everyone on Judgment day to respond for their little brothers or sisters whose life was taken away, some of them even before they were born.
Will you respond like Cain? ...Am I my brother’s keeper? Or will you do something now?
My child, pray for those mothers who are contemplating to take an evil decision to destroy life so that they will receive the grace to repent and to ask the Lord to forgive them.
Pray for the victims of abortion, pray for the sin of those mothers to be forgiven, for those who are instruments of the devil to commit that crime, implore the mercy of God for them while they still can repent of their sins.
Remember my child that every mother is my living image and that God is in the
centre of the altar of life.

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